More than 25 years ago, my father purchased a “1968” Triumph TR4A Live Axle to add to his collection of other British cars.  Recently, he has decided to part with it and on November 21st 2015, it arrived in my garage.

It is in the same condition as it was 25 years ago when my father purchased it, but it’s 99% original.  The engine is out of the TR4A and completely disassembled.  The interior needs a full replacement.  However, the Triumph is virtually rust free and there is no signs of any previous bodywork.

I ordered a Heritage Certificate for it, and it shows that it was built and shipped to the United States in late 1966.  It currently has the original Royal Blue paint and the dealer added Surrey top and luggage rack.  The Certificate indicates that it came out of the factory with the wire wheels and overdrive transmission, which are still on the car today.  It also had a white top and white tonneau, which are long gone.  The interior was originally Midnight Blue leather, which remains in the car today, but has been painted black and is in disarray.

I plan to restoring this car back to it’s original glory with a few minor changes, like an alternator and spin on filter.

This will be a long process, so check back or subscribe for updates!